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My Story

Hi, my name is Christian Couey. I'm 3 years old and I've just been diagnosed with Childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (also called acute lymphocytic leukemia or ALL.)  Please click here to learn more about this disease.

I am currently at home taking medication & oral chemotherapy daily. We are also Traveling to the Infusion Center weekly for chemotherapy through my port .  After being diagnosed January 14th, 2013 my whole life has changed and I have had to endure so much more than most would endure in their life time. Having the Port administered that connects to a vein in my neck down to my heart, Spinal Taps, Bone marrow aspirations, blood transfusions and countless accesses to my port for fluids and chemo has been something one can not fully ever get use to.  But I am a fighter and Leukemia will not destroy my spirit! I am alive due to the love and devotion of my Primary Doctor Dr. Alan Harowitz and the Hemotology/ Oncology Doctors & Staff in Maria Ferrari Children's Medical Hospital.

There are so many people who love me and pray for me daily. I am a very blessed boy!

Please check back as my mom is going to post updates of my treatment. Thank you for visiting my site and for supporting my  journey towards recovery.