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My Instincts Told Me Something Was Wrong

I took Christian to the pediatrician because he was pale as a ghost. Doc said that he was fine and it looked like he was getting over a virus. I left there shaking my wad because I knew there was something wrong. Between Thursday evening and Monday morning Christian had 4 bloody noses, little red pinhead blood like dots all over his body, little blood blisters on the inside of his mouth and still pale as a ghost. I called the doctor in between this time but they just told me to monitor him.
I rushed him back to pediatrician on Monday morning and told them to take a complete blood count because I thought it looked exactly like ITP - (google mommy!) Itp is a decrease in platelets and can come when you have recently undergone a virus . Christian had 2 viruses and pneumonia just last month so I was convinced that this is what It was. Complete blood count showed platelet count was 8 , white blood count was 54,000 and the red blood count was very low .
With the fear on Dr. Harowitz's  face, the first thing that came out of my mouth was "does my baby have cancer!" I couldn't even breath. I went into panic mode but still smiling at Christian with tears running down my face.
I can't believe I'm here. At this moment. I'm here. I was under the assumption that if the white blood cells are high it's because it's fighting an infection. An average person's white blood cells are 5,000 (I think) and a 54,000 white blood count is actually not really white blood cells. The leukemia cells have taken control of premature white blood cells and are running ramped.