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Diagnosis And Hope

There comes a time in someone's life that all of a sudden they find themselves having to give up all their control and give everything up to God. For me and my family, today Is the day. Christian has leukemia . Words can not describe the feelings an unfathomable word is giving us. It sounds like a curse word to me . I can't say it without whispering it. I thank you all that have been praying and your prayers have not been unheard . God is always in control even if , even for a split second, we feel like he has abandoned us. He has not . He will not . God is our savior and healer . This will be a long long journey for us BUT WE WILL BEAT THIS! and I am asking for prayers more than ever right now. Surgery for a spinal tap and iv portal will be determined tomorrow . Also trying to get a Ronald mcDonald suite so we have our the Couey brothers see each other all the time.