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Another Platelet Transfusion

Platelet transfusion tonight and everything went well. He's sleeping now. Had a doctor look at Christians walk today because its wobbly and it is as though he is trying to compensate for something . He's kind of walking with his belly? I can't describe it well but I do know that it's not my babies walk. Doc seems to think that it is from the chemo and will get better in time. Mommies gut can't seem to shake off that its something from the spinal tap . I'm probably worrying too much but worrying has been my 'normal' lately.
Steroids = awful! Complete Jekyll and Hyde and you don't know who will be joining your conversation. He feels so stuck within himself. One minute he's smiling and the next he's kicking and launching his toys. Breathing in 4 and out 8 seems to help me but it can also make you feel like your going to pass out if you do it too much...( so there was a bit of my humor coming out) I have been trying to laugh today . Like laughing at jokes that's aren't remotely funny but I just want to feel better than I have been. We have to. We just can't sit here and allow the heartache , pain , anger , helplessness to take over . It will make us sick and we need to be strong for our 2 babies. At least this is how I feel today.