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Home Sweet Home !

Christian got a platelet transfusion before we left. Our Chemo is 1x a week and we also have to do blood work on another day each week.  Blood transfusions can be done at both appointments. About 2 hours before we go to the appointment I have to put a numbing cream on his port so they can access it without him feeling any pain. What an amazing technology this is and very sci-fi scary at the same time. My son has a port in his chest - it looks smaller than a quarter but larger than a nickel. His skin is over it so you cant really notice it unless you are looking for it. Its connected to a main large vein on his neck and then connected to his heart.

Christian just asked me why he has a 'button' on his chest. Please Lord give me the strength to get through those kind of questions in a simple peaceful way a 3 year old can understand. He stopped asking about it so hopefully I said something good. Watching your child go through so much confusion and pain is unbearable but I have been reciting a poem in my head that says something like "you never know how strong you are , until strong is the only choice you have". ... This statement can not be any more true.