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Port Access, Medicines & The Magic Cupboard

From day one Christian screamed & kicked (to put it lightly!) when he was getting accessed (through his port ie: magic button).  Its traumatizing to have a needle in your chest and see blood coming out that we call cherry juice especially for a 3 year old that doesn't understand.   Today Christian went into the doctors office in the transfusion center which we have never been to. The nurse was familiar to him from the hospital. He got called in, turned around to look at me, put his hand out and said "no mommy you stay dare- Don't move until I come back."
My mouth dropped because this was not my boy just last week!!! I can not begin to tell you how my heart gleamed that he is such a strong strong boy. I'm amazed at his courage.
Amazed at how he has evolved into his own in the past couple of weeks.
He takes his medicine better than a grown up! He ASKS for it  and takes his syringes of meds all by himself. They taste worse than dirt really! Mommy has tasted all of them . So when he takes them, we make gross faces and say how disgusting they are lol!
The magic cupboard is AWESOME and I must pat pat pat myself on the back for that one!! Lol
When he takes ALL his medicine we go to ’the magic cupboard’ and say “MAGIC MAGIC 123 MAGIC MAGIC WHAT CAN IT BE?”
He opens the door and miraculously a toy appears!!!
Christian always says “thank you Magic!”
Ok he’s my son and I am biased , but he is so cute!!!

The Magic is running out of magic ~ pssst : he likes matchbox cars if anyone would like to send them for his magic (or anything else!) !!! I am trying to incorporate my 5 yr old son Michael in using the Magic cupboard and reward him for good behavior also if anyone would like to help with  his magic toys as well. He is feeling left out a lot and is acting out lately . I know that this is a lot to understand for a 5 yr old and I am trying to find a way to not have him feel excluded or different in any way. It is so hard!  He has already been taken out of  Kindergarten and its like the rug has been pulled out from under him. I am trying to make our days as structured as possible because structure is what my babies need. 

Ok momma needs sleep
Hug your loves