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Home ... again . All is good in the Couey home praise God. We are all feeling well and masks are off so I hope to God that terrible stomach virus and anything else that tries to come to our door step stays away!!

Blood work came back today and gave us the green light to move forward with  Christians Chemotherapy next Tuesday. He is a week behind because of his sickness and I was very nervous that we would have to stall another week. Hope he stays ‘healthy’ to start.

This is called the consolidation stage where he receives Chemo Tues, Wed, Thur, and Friday 2 weeks in a row and then 14 days home (14 days on, then 14 days off , then 14 days on again. He gets a spinal chemo every Wednesday for a few months.  The chemo pill look massive and are very intimidating. I’m figuring I could get a pill crusher and maybe some slushy syrup and put in in some oral syringes. I had a dream about it so I’ll try it lol! Yes, some mothers dream of beaches and sunshine , I dream of how I’m going to get drugs down my child’s throat.   More to come…