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First day of the second stage of chemo went well praise God!!

It was a very long day but he had no adverse reactions to the chemos and THAT is a good day! Tomorrow is Spinal Tap Chemo at 6:30 am so his port is still accessed so no need to have a pin down match again tomorrow to access him. Its weird bringing him home with a needle in his chest but it sure beats going through access tomorrow again.

Fundraisers .... I am getting anxious about whose leading, whose helping, whose volunteering etc. ...I promised myself that I would not worry myself over anything but Christian and my family and I have found myself dwelling over things that should not be so. I have to just pray that God will provide and allow others to help if they choose to.  I trust that God will provide. I trust that Christian is in good hands. And I trust that my friends and family are just that - friends and family. A beautiful extension of my life that could not be replaced. My friends and family have been so devotedly  loving, so generously giving and so compassionately considerate.

Very wordy but I just couldn't say one word to describe it :)
Thank you all for being you....