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Enjoy The Moments

Our power went our last night. Usually, I would act like it was a catastrophic event but last night I took a different approach which showed me a lot about myself. I’ll explain…

The lights went out and I heard Michael Jr freaking out that the world was ending because he couldn’t see and he panicked. I consoled him while Christian was already flinging a flash light around like a strobe light.

After Mommy and daddy collected flameless candles and lanterns, the boys realized that it could be fun.  Daddy made a fire and the light from the fireplace made it look like the Christmas tree was lit up.. Yes, time has stood still in this house and we still have our Christmas tree up and I have no intentions on taking it down any time soon. Judge me lol. It reminds me of life without cancer and I don’t want to let that go just yet.

The power was only out for maybe 30 minutes but in that time we took a lot of preparation for the whole night and the boys were getting along which is usually unheard of! The power turned on and daddy and I ran in every room and shut all the lights off  EXCEPT I put the Christmas tree lights on.

What I learned about myself: When I paid too much attention to what should happen , I forgot to enjoy the moments that came that weren’t quite expected but can still be enjoyed. I know that I will probably have to be reminded in the future.  Reading my ’moments’ every now and again will help me to remember how important it is to truly just BE. Be in the moment. No need to get annoyed that the power went out.   I totally danced in the dark!