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"The New Normal"

I know I haven’t written in a while and I think it mainly has to do with me trying to actually live in the moment - no I’m lying - I haven’t been able to sit for a minute because my house is a mess, my laundry doesn’t have a bottom to it and my spare time is making sure I bathe my boys! Life is good all in all and seems like a ‘new normal’ . That’s what ‘they’ say - NEW NORMAL . Is that like a trendy phrase to make us feel like everything is back to ‘a normal’ … whatever it is , it’s been working and I’ve been using the phrase like it’s going out of style!! 
Christian’s chemo has been practically every day at the infusion center plus he takes oral chemo at home. If his number are up , he will be starting a new chemo come April 8th. I belong to a closed group of mothers of cancer children and I have been corresponding with a few of them. One mommy is in the hospital with her son doing the High Dosage of Methotrexate (another chemo Christian does in his spine and will be doing in the hospital IV next stage) . Well, it terrifies me to learn that her son threw up (which is normal with chemo) but the throw up got on mommies hands and practically burnt her hands! They were so itchy and unbearable. There has got to be a better way to kill cancer. This chemo burns the inside of his body.   This High dosage is only given to high risk patients and Christian is in that category. 

Food & Such:
My children eat healthy ! For people that know that I feed my one child chicken nuggets at times for dinner(but all white meat) this may be of a surprise to you .  Both of my children have NEVER eaten hot dogs just incase you saw the latest ridiculous post on face book that says eating hotdogs gives children a really high risk of getting Leukemia - if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you !  I am not a Momcologist YET but I am getting there and hearing stuff like this makes me so annoyed. 
Christian is a poster boy of health - he eats fruit and yogurt for breakfast , avocado salad for for lunch  topped with strawberries & grapes  & for dinner he may have cottage cheese with pretzels and what ever else I may have on my plate that is healthy. He eats all good food, he always has  . We  always try to buy organic but when it’s not organic , it is still healthy (except for the nuggets but for God sakes 4 nuggets on a plate will not give you cancer - I repeat 4 nuggets on a plate will not give you cancer!!  .  Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Whole wheat , whole grain -  I DO NOT have any junk food in my house - mainly because I would eat it all lol! On occasion mommy makes speghetti and sauce but they are few and far between - I still have pastas that are probably expired in my cupboard.   My older son is a very picky eater but he rotates with the ’regular’ foods he eats. Mainly - organic cereal, grilled cheese sandwiches , cottage cheese and pretzels, organic fiber bars , apples, bananas , all white meat chicken nuggets (oh no!) , broccoli,  over cooked carrots and um I think that’s it! Oh and A LOT of organic Milk! Both my boys love milk.   If you know me , you know that I want to control everything and save the world  and things that go into my children’s mouth is no different ;) 

So yes you are what you eat BUT not in this case I guess right?